Built to Last

When furniture is built to last, you can embrace a timeless, eclectic style. A piece brought in your 20s from your hometown can sit alongside furniture lovingly acquired from your worldwide travels. Pop art prints can hang next to faded portraits of grandparents in their youth.

We aim to capture that essence in the abiding style of our pieces. Our evocative designs remind you of days gone by, while our high quality materials and enduring craftsmanship ensure our collections stand the test of time. Our cement tiles are handmade with a coloured cement layer at least 05mm thick. This gives them the ability to withstand decades of wear without fading or losing any detailing.

These classic, handmade tiles are set in a powder-coated aluminium frame that features all of the advances of 21st century technology. The frame is resistant to water, corrosion and UV damage, and is totally recyclable. All our finishes are lead-free and our wooden products are made from incredibly durable hardwood, sourced sustainably from Indonesia.

We would never compromise on materials or techniques because we hope our pieces become heirlooms. This is the standard we set for our quality control – the assumption that our furniture will still be functional and look beautiful 100 years from now.