Side Table black frame with Robin tiles


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Cement1 tiles are set into a high-performance aluminium frame, creating a table that is both beautiful and durable. Our cement tiles are made by hand with coloured cement. Each colour is carefully poured into various sections of a brass mould, covered with raw Portland cement, and pressed with a hydraulic-press. The tiles are not painted: the coloured-cement layer of the pattern is typically 05mm thick, giving the tiles the durability to withstand decades of wear without losing any detail or colour. Cement tiles are not fired or heated in any way – after pressing they are left to cure naturally and harden for up to a month.

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  • Robin

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Manmitha M 6 years ago

This table fit in perfectly in my living room!

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Your cement-tile table should be cleaned with mild soap-and water and furniture polish is recommended for use on both the frame and tiles.